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During a school placement, your 8 hours of English tuition a week will be delivered to the students of a local school (primary, middle, or high school). The teaching hours will be in the morning and will typically be evenly distributed throughout the week. You will be working alongside an Italian co-teacher mainly assisting with English conversation skills, and you will be supported by the school staff. Accommodation will be organized by the school and might be with host families or independent. Whether you want to start a teaching career or you are just curious to see what teaching is like in Italy, the school placement is definitely the way to go!


Programme dates follow the regular school year semesters when school is in session. The school year in Italy starts in September and finishes the following year in June. In general, placements are available from September to December and from January to May. Placements last 1, 2, or 3 months.


It is the school itself that organizes accommodation for its tutors. Host families are typically selected by the schools, and sometimes they are a teacher or a student’s family at the school. In some cases, tutors may be placed with two or three different hosts during the same placement. Accommodation strictly follows OzItaly’s standards (single bedroom, access to a shared kitchen).


Essere un cittadino australiano e madrelingua inglese

Essere in salute

Avere un po' di esperienza con i bambini

Avere una certa esperienza di insegnamento o tutoraggio (preferibilmente una laurea o una qualifica CELTA/TESO/TEFL)


Puoi venire in Italia come turista o con un visto vacanza di lavoro (OzItaly offre assistenza nella richiesta del visto). Un Working Holiday Visa consente ai cittadini australiani di un’età compresa tra i 18 e i 35 anni di vivere e lavorare in Italia per un tempo massimo di 1 anno e di viaggiare da e verso tutti gli altri paesi europei. A seconda della tua esperienza e delle tue qualifiche, potresti anche essere in grado di trovare un lavoro come insegnante di inglese in scuole e organizzazioni locali (sempre molto richiesto in Italia).


When you are an OzItaly tutor, you teach English for 8 hours a week, usually evenly distributed throughout the week (in the morning). Note that they may be spaced out based on your class schedule, so you may be at your school more than 8 hours per week.

Once the placement is confirmerd, the school teachers will help you find resources, prepare your lessons plans, and get ready for your lessons.

Tipically, students aged 6 to 10 go to primary school, students aged 11 to 14 go to middle school, and students aged 14 to 18 go to high school.

No, you do not need any special qualifications. However, a TESOL/TEFL qualification would be advantageous but not strictly necessary.

No, but this program is a great way to start learning it! People hardly ever speak English in smaller towns so learning some basic Italian will help you meet locals.

The program is designed also for people who do not have a formal teaching qualification or teaching experience in a classroom environment. You will be working alongside an Italian co-teacher, assisting with English conversation skills. You will not be expected to lead a class on your own, but you will be asked to prepare and lead lessons or discussions with your students. If you have a background of other special skills or expertise, your school may also ask you to assist with those subjects.

Placement matches are made based on a variety of factors, including shared interests, needs and preferences of host families and teachers. Applicants must be flexible about their placement location. We cannot guarantee any type of school and we cannot accept location placement requests.

Nope! You’ll enter on the standard tourist visa, which allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days. If you are aged 18 to 30, you are eligible to apply for a “Working Holiday Visa”, which allows you to live and work in Italy for up to one year.

Yes, you are welcome to travel at the weekends as long as it doesn’t interfere with your school schedule. The programme should be viewed as a teaching and cultural immersion program first. We ask that teachers are respectful of their schools and host families. Host families should not be used as a “bed & breakfast”. Families are voluntarily opening up their homes to the OzItaly tutors. Participate and engage with your family! Cook dinner together, watch football together, and accept any invitations to outings!


You only are required to speak English during the 8 hours of English lessons each week. The rest of the time, please feel free to practice speaking Italian as much as you want.

Outside of the 8 hours a week, the time is really yours to do what you like. Some people take language classes on their own, some explore the city on walking tours or visiting museums, some people write a blog or run an online business, some people spend it with their host family. It really depends on you and what you’re interested in experiencing while in Italy!



Contact OzItaly and express your interest in taking part in the exchange programme. You will receive an email with detailed information and an application form to fill out.


Complete the application form and send it back to OzItaly. OzItaly will thoroughly review your application and will contact you within 2-3 business days to confirm your acceptance.


You are contacted for an interview to confirm your suitability for the exchange programme.


Congratulations! You are accepted into the programme! You receive the “terms & conditions”. Please read through them and sign them. A service fee is paid to OzItaly.


You are given a list of tutors/host families available. You can then contact them.


You get in touch with each other and confirm the placement.