Do you want to improve your English language skills and have a mother tongue tutor always there for you? Are you fascinated by Australia? Would you like to find out something more about it?

OZITALY helps Italian families to find an Australian tutor who, for a few weeks, will teach English for free to all family members in exchange for full board and accommodation.


Living in close contact with the host family, the tutor will have the opportunity to interact everyday with the members of the family and encourage them to use English in their daily routine. There is therefore no need to attend an English course or look for a teacher. Language learning occurs in a completely spontaneous and natural way, since the focus shifts to what we say and not to the language itself. Language thus becomes a communication strategy, it’s no longer an external element to be memorized. A quick and effective learning method based on:

– exposure to the languag;

-constant use of the language;

– valid motivation.

How does the exchange take place?

The tutor will deliver a number of personalized lessons equal to a total of 8 hours per week in exchange for full board and accommodation. However, the tutor may be involved in various family activities, so that he/she becomes as integrated as possible in the local territory and, at the same time, guarantees a constant exposure to the English language to the family. The start date of the placement will be agreed with the tutor. The duration can vary from 1 to 3 months.

Choice of tutor

The choice of the tutor is customized. OzItaly limits itself to proposing a list of suitable tutors for the family, but it is the family itself that chooses the tutor they prefer. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn more about each other before making any decisions. Tutors are carefully selected through interviews and must meet specific requirements which aim to identify the most suitable candidates for a live-in experience. Before their departure from Australia, tutors are provided with adequate preparation so that they can deal with their stay in Italy in the most autonomous way possible. The tutors are all adults, they all have work experience with children, and have a great enthusiasm and curiosity for everything there is to discover in our country!

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